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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Final Report from Nueva Capital

30 Enero 2015
0530 hours

Mission Honduras LeMars Medical/Dental team followers.  This will be my final report on the progress of the team as the medical and dental elements were completed yesterday.  It was a very hectic day as usual.  The team continued to provide consults and treatment for approximately 400 children yesterday from Santa Teresa School.  The dental element was extremely busy as well.  Their numbers are included in the above number.  Sadly so many children needing dental care could not be seen and treated by the Dentists.  Each child received de-worming medicine, vitamins, antibiotics and various other medicines.

The team was surprised during the early afternoon by taking a few minutes from their busy day to listen to a young man play the organ.  This young man is blind.  He was first seen by the Heelan team during their first visit to Nueva Capital when they visited his home to take him various health items.  He truly is an amazing story and performs various concerts in the area.  He is well respected.

The team was also surprised when the school had a general assembly in the courtyard to recognize the efforts of the team.  You will see a photo of this in the blog.

After the final patients were seen all medicines and supplies had to be packed for transport to Cerro de Plata.  After all items were packed away the team gathered for a slide presentation by Father Patricio.  This was followed by a wonderful dinner and a general sing along which included all the staff members and young Honduran men working in various projects at the school.  It was incredible and the young men really enjoyed being part of this team.  I'm sure that the team members have various thoughts and emotions about this past week and know that they are leaving behind about 1800 men, women and children that have had their health status improved.  No, this was not rocket science, but the team members saw some incredible challenges both with the patients and the process.

Now a day of rest and then they return to the USA to continue to reflect on this past week.  I stay behind to begin the planning for the next brigade, Gehlen Catholic Mission Honduras.  They will be here in this same location in March where they will build 3 homes and perfom other missions.

Gracias Adios that all team members are healthy.  God bless and peace.

Mr. Francis

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  1. Missing Honduras and all the smiling faces that greeted me daily!